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Up Your Income: Create A Second Income Without Getting A Second Job

by Ladimer Kowalchuk

ASIN: 0996640606

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American Picker’s and Storage Wars have been instrumental in making us aware of the tremendous opportunities just waiting to be picked in all kinds of unexpected places. Meanwhile, most of us want or need to create an extra income - whether it’s to subsidize a retirement, buy a first car, start a savings account, or pay off debilitating debts. By combining a bit of courage with good old-fashioned legwork, the author shows us just how doable making money can be using his simple system. There are many books about buying and selling. Up Your Income! is full of real-life detailed examples of the Kowalchuk’s profitable (and sometimes not so profitable) exchanges. Each example is designed to help you learn how to make a profit buying and selling almost anything anywhere while avoiding costly mistakes. Inside you’ll discover: • How and where to get started. • How you can do this no matter where you live. • Why your age or gender doesn’t matter. • Why how much cash you have to get started doesn’t matter. • What and where to buy for resale. • Where and how to sell your product. • How to have an item sold before you buy it. • How to find free and almost free items to sell. • Insider information on how auctions work. • The 80/20 rule and why it is important • How to get other people to sell your product.

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