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The Video Tractor Beam.: Dominate Your Field and Attract New Clients and Customers with Online Video.

by Everett O'Keefe


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In this quick and ACTIONABLE read, Everett and John show you how to position yourself as the expert in your field and dominate your market using inexpensive online video marketing? We aren't talking expensive, perhaps boring commercials run on television, or maybe infomercials run late at night on odd cable television channels. In fact, these gimmicks are nothing like the video marketing that you’ll learn about in this book.

This is a book of "guerrilla marketing" tactics, designed to help you stand head and shoulders above the crowd. People want to do business with experts, and John and Everett are the experts at making people experts!

The traditional video marketing that often comes to mind is extremely expensive, very time consuming and is of mostly a shotgun nature. With that marketing method, one just casts videos out on television and cable programs, hoping that someone will watch and act. This is a very expensive way to go.

The video marketing that you’ll learn about in this book is something entirely different. Instead, video marketing is simply taking a series of inexpensive, brief, but well-crafted videos and placing them strategically online in order to direct business and interest to your website and your brand.

These videos will take advantage of people’s curiosity, interest and desire to learn new information. In this way, you can bring prospective customers into a sales funnel and develop a relationship with them, so that they begin to know you, like you and trust you. As a result, they will be more and more likely do business with you. Instead of people being barraged with advertisements, you’re going to provide them with information. Instead of telling them to come and buy from you, you’re going to show your expertise. It can actually be accomplished in a number of different ways, but what’s important is it is inexpensive and easy, and the client or prospect will be attracted to your brand or website.

Those are the key components that will cause people to know you, like you and trust you. Thus, they become more and more familiar with your brand and your expertise. They are automatically attracted to your business or brand. That is video marketing in a nutshell.

Now, how do you do this best? Read the book and learn!

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