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Kiss From An Angel - How to Turn Your Grief into A Gift from Heaven



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Grieving is a complicated response over the loss of someone’s much valued presence in your life. Often the loss of a loved one because of death can bring suffering no words can ever describe. The psychic wound is so deep, every cell of your system is affected, and there is no place to hide or a way to bury the inner longing for the physical presence of the deceased. This book brings out in the open the bereaved parents experience of joy and fulfilment during the birth of a much wanted and only child, Mary Jo, the gift of parenthood, the unexpected condition of their baby, the triumph of raising her against medical odds, the drama of her life and death and how her parents found the gift amidst grief, loss and tears and the consuming grip on one’s psyche because of multiple losses. This book is for the strong and the lucky ones who have battled life’s challenges with outcomes in a time frame they wanted, this is also for the many, like the author, who hide their broken hearts being busy with a job and other things and just hoping one day the sadness will evaporate into thin air. It is also for anyone who wants to be empowered, to recover and to understand what clinicians and the author actually experienced in facing life’s most challenging battle, losing a significant and loved person. The impact of Mary Jo’s death was so unexpected. She was a well-loved child, so well cared for. Why of the many children on planet earth, would she be chosen to die at age of two years and five months despite modern medical facilities? Why were the doctors so blind and deaf to her mother’s pleadings for proper medical care? Why were the symptoms ignored? Why should her parents and love ones live with the never ending possibility that she could have lived if only the medical experts had acted from the space of a truly loving and caring heart rather from just the sterilized medical procedures? So many questions had remained unanswered and perhaps will never be known in her parents’ lifetime. After Mary Jo was buried, her parents were affected with complicated grief not only from her loss but also the futility of fighting the legal system.To say, they were devastated physically, emotionally, behaviorally, psychologically is an understatement . Lourdes, her mother had wished she could have died in her daughter’s place. Her father Joe had changed from someone with a generally happy disposition to a person deeply affected with distress. Their lives had changed so dramatically, spiraling to depths of despair, even their faith was in tatters. They were inconsolable; life had lost its meaning. From the extraordinary anguish of grief and loss, Mary Jo started to appear in her parents’ dreams, to other family members, and their circle of friends and even medical people who attended to her. Coincidences beyond the logic of science and practical day to day life emerged. Yes, Mary Jo was physically dead, her young and beautiful body buried but her loving and caring spirit came to life and touched her parents and love ones This book will touch your heart and soul like no other book on grief can. Read every chapter, every page as the reality of so much love and so little time can grip your heart. Learn from her loved ones first-hand experience, the resilience of the human spirit and of divinity intertwined because a little angel named Mary Jo who continues to kiss her love ones. Mary Jo's parents one wish for this book is for its readers to experience understanding and inner peace from their own personal grief and see the gift that only an angel can bring to their lives, just like Mary Jo brought to her short time here on earth. Enjoy this book A Kiss From An Angel.: How To Turn Your Grief Into A Gift From Heaven

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