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The Healthy Habit Revolution: The Step by Step Blueprint to Create Better Habits in 5 Minutes a Day

by Derek Doepker,Marjorie Kramer


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Make Great Habits Stick Without Needing Superhuman Willpower

Are you trying to create a habit like daily exercise, meditation, eating well, journaling...

...but constantly fall off track?

The problem isn’t that you’re weak-willed. Most people just haven't been taught the counter-intuitive science of habit change.

For instance, rewards can actually backfire if you're using the wrong type of reward.

The solution? Use the latest psychological discoveries to change your habits almost effortlessly - one step at a time. All in under five minutes a day.

"The Healthy Habit Revolution" takes thousands of hours of new research from behavioral, cognitive, and human needs psychology...

...and condenses everything into a 21-day, step-by-step blueprint that makes great habits stick for good.

If you can trade 5 minutes a day for a life of greater productivity, health, and happiness, this book is for you.

What to Expect from Your 21 Day Healthy Habit Challenge

You’ll get a step-by-step program that will show you…

Day 1: The #1 thing that will sabotage any chance of lasting success if you don’t address it first.

Day 3: How 6 human needs drive all of your habits, and why they’re the keys to reprogramming your behavior.

Day 7: How the wrong type of reward actually prevents you from developing permanent habits.

Day 9: Why changing a single word in one’s vocabulary took success in making a healthier choice from 39% to 64% in a research study, and how to get even better results using this principle.

Day 11: How the force stronger than willpower determines your success.

Day 16: 3 magic words to effortlessly overcome overwhelm and annihilate procrastination.

The Ultimate Secret Lesson Most Habit Books Never Talk About… Why even the best habits can be incredibly destructive if you don’t have one thing to keep them in check.

Do You Have What It Takes?

Now, I won't promise this approach is a "magic pill." It still takes a willingness to invest a few minutes a day. A willingness to acknowledge consequences if you don't change. And a willingness to improve yourself.

But if you have these traits, then I wrote this book for you. Because I want others to benefit from the methods that helped me and my clients permanently change their habits.

Are You Ready To Join The Challenge?

If you're ready, download The Healthy Habit Revolution now to get started today.

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Note: Although you’ll learn a bit about getting rid of bad habits, that’s not the purpose of this book. This is for developing good habits that last a lifetime like reading, meditating, eating better, exercising, increasing productivity, and whatever other personal development will change your life.

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