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Be Love: 14 BlissLife Principles to Activate Instant Inner Peace, Strong Self Esteem & Real Courage so You Prosper in Full Color Happiness

by Nan Akasha CHT


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Step-by-Step I take you on an multi-sensory experience into a whole new world of "Be-ing- Love" - the Divine, Infinite, Unconditional (= always says 'Yes!"), Powerful kind of LOVE. This is a Higher vibration of Love than you have previously experienced. It is the purest Divine Love that is the Source of all creation and prosperity - and you are going to learn to access it at a new multi-dimensional 'Full Color Spectrum' level. Included are multi sensory Audio and encoded energy Activations and Inner Journeys so you can be sure to shift from the inside out.

Resolve Any Relationship Issue
Release Grief, Pain and the Past
Transform any Block or Walk through any Fear
Feel Safe & Strong with your Boundaries, in any situation
Express Yourself Freely and Authentically
Dissolve "not Enoughness" & Self Esteem Shackles
Unlock Your Full Color Happiness in your 5 Key Subtle Bodies: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Financial and Spiritual
See, feel and finally KNOW your True Value and Evict the "Poor Girl" (Poor Guy) in your head.
Create a Sacred Space for your True Spiritual DNA to be Activated - So your Inner "Wealthy Woman/Man" can Connect & Communicate with you with ease
Activate your "Fully Funded Mission" to live the life your Soul intended
Learn to "Walk on Air" - manifest anything even if you do not know how
The "Be Love" Principles are how to INSTANTLY activate the Frequency of Divine Unconditional Love - the Source of all that is - within you. This instantly transforms the energy in you and in any situation, on the spot. This is the first vital step to communicate with your BlissField and keep or increase your positive vibration no matter what anyone else does or what is happening outside of you. This prevents procrastination, keeps your energy of attraction magnetic and raises your awareness to solutions.
The "Be Love" activations, are simple, elegant and deep and help you manifest faster, easier and with more fun. They are to be experienced, learned and used as real everyday tools to discover your prosperity and happiness that is Already there in your personal Blissfield/(infinite field of abundance). They are profoundly effective at changing your State: feelings, thoughts and vibration - in any moment so you can stay true to your path.

Most pitfalls on your path to happiness, money and freedom are straying outside your Blissfield into someone else's limited or negative reality. The "Be Love" Instant-Shift Energy Processes clear the clouds in your vision, the clogs in your prosperity pipeline and the stuck energy in the way of you being YOU - in your Bliss-vibe - the fun one that illuminates your path to live the life your Soul intended.

In this manual for transformation you will learn to Seek Your Bliss and gracefully Accept your "Fully Funded Mission", while releasing and freeing all others to live their path. Free your gifts, talents, greatness and vision and open the doors to a new level of joy and prosperity.

Yes! You can live your BlissLife now! Let's go...

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