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The Master Plan: Exit Strategy For Successful Business Owners: Discover A Strategic Planning Formula for Maximum Company Value, Strong Asset Protection and Work-Life Balance

by Peter G. Christman


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You are going to exit your business.

It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of how (and if you're lucky - when!). If you want the How and the When of your exit to be on your terms, it's time to start developing your Master Plan

Peter. G. Christman, founder of the Master Planning Institute, co-founder of the Exit Planning Institute, wrote THE MASTER PLAN for business owners looking to protect their personal and professional futures. Inside you'll learn: 

  • The 5 Ds that ruin 50% of exited business owners; 
  • Strategies for strategic planning, tax planning and life transition planning; 
  • What kind of results you could reasonably expect from your exit; 
  • Which advisors you NEED on your team; 
  • When and How you should go about creating your Master Plan - and much more!

The Master Plan offers timeless wisdom, practical advice and enduring strategy to meet the needs and challenges of a new generation of business owner, who want to be prepared ot exit their businesses. 

"Everyone is going to exit his or her business... it's just a matter of how and when!" - Peter G. Christman

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