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Rule Your World: Magnify Your Superpowers and Master Pure Happiness by Cultivating a Loving Relationship With Your Inner Guru

by David Sanders


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Who Should Read This Book?

Plain and simple, Rule Your World is for Superhumans, Superheroes and Superstars only. It is for the rare and exceptional people in the world who prefer to celebrate and cultivate strengths in life rather than wasting precious time sorrowing over their pains and tribulations.

Forget yesterday. Have no thought for tomorrow. Instead, ask yourself who you can celebrate being right now, that you haven’t even realized that you have already become!

Do you have a Grammy winning musician or an American Idol inside of you? Are you a great author, or artist, or scientist? Maybe you have been a great athlete, but hidden inside of you is a truly world-class athlete.

Maybe you are an innovator. Perhaps you are already a successful entrepreneur, but you have missed the secret sauce that is already locked somewhere inside of you that would really make it possible to change the world…

Are you a force for good for millions of people, but you don’t know it… yet?

Maybe you are already as happy and successful professionally as you want to be. But maybe there is still something eluding you. Do you know the authentic you? Do you want… do you need... to be more exciting… more memorable… more lovable… more charismatic, than you can even imagine that you ever could be?

Maybe you want to be the world’s greatest lover… a great husband, wife, mother or father, grandmother, grandfather, or an absolutely superhuman friend, perhaps?

Maybe growing closer to your God is what would make you truly happy…

Whatever it is… You can! But this book has no answers for you! And that’s what separates it from other “self-help” books.

Say what?

No, this book will provide you with no answers... but it can escort you deep inside yourself and that is the only place where all of your answers and infinite possibilities abound.

Begin your inner sojourn today and cultivate the superhuman that is hidden but waiting so eagerly for you to find. Begin today to rule your world!

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