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Cracking the Health and Happiness Code, a Burn Out Antidote: The 14 secrets on how to lower your stress, get more energy, achieve more, be more productive and have more fun in your life

by Adrian Ziliani


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“Cracking The Health and Happiness Code, a Burn Out Antidote” provides 14 secrets on how to lower stress, get more energy, achieve more, be more productive, and have more fun in life. Throughout the book, people are guided through the various principles of life to learn how to pave the road to happiness and good health.
Author Adrian Zilani provides insight on how to achieve proper focus and learning what a person can and cannot control within their lives. He believes that if a person learns what they can control, it can reduce stress and allow them to focus more on what they do have control of.
The book also discusses a variety of ways to activate physiology. Every action that a person takes is going to have an impact on their level of happiness and the level of endorphins that are in the body. Laughing, listening to music, using the senses, and having fun can help the body to feel good and improve health at the same time.
If you have ever wondered about the different feelings and how they impact your life, this is the book you want to read. It can become your bible to work towards feelings of happiness and elation. You will soon discover how to flip the switch on some of those emotions so you can feel more of the positive ones and less of the negative ones.
Happiness is the key to health and health is the key to happiness. Find your key through the pages of this book and never look back on the unhappy days that have plagued you in the past.

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