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Ferocious For Joy: Win the Battle of Depression Through Fighting it With Joy

by Belinda Ingels


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Why is this Ferocious For Joy? And not “How to become more joyful - 7 steps to go from Blah Blah to Rah-Rah.” Or “How to Get Over Depression - Somewhere Over The Rainbow.”
Joy has been sold as fairy floss or if you are really lucky a yummy dessert. To most joy reminds them of “Tigger" in Winnie The Pooh. Joy has been given a bad rap in terms of narrowing the expression and meaning of Joy. If you are depressed the last thing, you are wanting is to be bouncy and overly excitable for no apparent reason.
The most common statement in counselling for those that are suffering depression is:
“I just want to be happy.” Happy is transient.
The purpose of this book is not for information (there is enough of that on the internet); it is for transformation from static to ecstatic. This book will reveal the secrets to having:

• More Abundance, Energy And Vitality
• An Abiding State of Happiness Regardless of Circumstance
• Complete Engagement With Life

Ferocious For Joy was born from concern and care for my friends...That’s you if you are reading this book. You see you have been ripped off by society who have sold you a dud on real happiness. Selling cheap imitations that fall apart after a couple of uses. You have been robbed of your joy and "Ferocious For Joy" will give you the power to fight back and restore it. Joy is not belittling your difficult circumstance or dismissing your predicament. Joy will empower you to rise above your circumstances and have a smile on your face that isn't fake but has come from from deep inner joy. It is time to find your joy my friend you deserve it, you're worth it xo Share your joy xo Belinda Ingels

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