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30 Day Whole Body Detox: Recipe & Guide Book

by Julie Boyer,Rebecca Reble


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Welcome to Your 30 Day Whole Body Detox!

This book is about you: paying attention to what you are putting into your body every day and how you treat yourself.
You choose how closely you follow the plan, but keep in mind that the more closely you follow it, the more successful you will be.
Things to avoid during the detox: alcohol, refined sugar, caffeine, red meat, dairy products and wheat & gluten foods.

Things to limit: soy, spicy foods, corn, gluten-free packaged products and dark chocolate.
Things to include: Fresh organic fruit and veggies, lean white meat and fish, nuts and seeds, and gluten-free whole grains. Find a great water bottle and keep it filled with distilled, reverse osmosis or alkaline water at all times. Add a slice of lemon for flavour. Try fresh, cold pressed juice this year!
Move every day! Try yoga or Tai Chi this month to help detoxify your mind; it always helps to slow down for an hour. Walk outside daily; even 10 minutes can make a difference.
This book will prepare and guide you through your 30 Day Whole Body Detox. There are many great experts featured throughout the guide, but make sure you reach out for help and advice as needed.

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