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Work Less, Profit More: 6 Simple Steps To Increase Productivity, Cut Your Workweek In Half, and Do Only What You Love

by Ryan Walsh,Katie VanBuskirk


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This book describes how business owners can double their productivity in order to cut their work hours in half. Contrary to most approaches that promise productivity increases—which require "time management", discipline, efficiency tools, and extra effort—the surprisingly simple 6-step strategy detailed in this book relies on a new way of thinking.

It covers:
- How to be productive enough to take afternoons off.
- How to pamper yourself (without neglecting anyone else) so you can have the energy to get GREAT RESULTS for people.
- How to avoid being reactive so you can finally focus on building your ideal lifestyle.

It's important because:
- Most efficiency techniques you’ve been taught are DEAD WRONG.
- Working as hard as you have been, you’re at risk of a meltdown.
- Your choices are: choose to change proactively and intelligently, or a catastrophe will FORCE you to change.

This book is one you should read:
- If you’re a successful small business owner and want to reclaim several hours of your day
- If you’re making good money and want to finally free up the time to ENJOY your life
- If you want to completely control your schedule rather than feel like your calendar is your boss
- If you want to feel less rushed
- If you want to work less, yet achieve even bigger goals than before
- If you frequently hear yourself saying “I don’t have time” and you wonder about how you could possibly do all that you want to do
- If you’re worried about looking back on your life and regretting how little time you spent with loved ones because of how hard you were working

If You Continue Your Current Approach…
- You’ll let your friends down (as well as potential friends) by being unavailable
- Your kids grow up without as much time with you
- Your romantic relationship is at risk of stagnation
- Your fun, creative side is lying dormant

You know it's time to change.
You know you deserve a better life.
The decision that you need to make (and owe it to yourself to make) is to commit to reaching your next level.

See how to get to 20-hr workweeks sooner than you thought was possible
You’ll know how to:
- Maintain your highest energy level (and remain in “peak state”)
- Quickly clarify your priorities
- Maximize your focus
- Adopt highly-productive habits
- Seize opportunities
- And Finally Design The Lifestyle You Deserve

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