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Think and Grow Agile: How to use enlightened project management & transformation to get unstuck in life

by N. (NIC) JAIN

ASIN: B0104U5X4S

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Agile transformation and project management are life skills. Consulting with the smartest minds on the planet running fortune 500 companies, translating to centuries of wisdom, it is well understood that without transformation happening in the organizations on a regular basis and with scientifically managed tools, the companies would not have reached the zenith of success. All the information that is rolling the ball of success for them is instilled in the book in a fashion so that it can be used by the common person. We have covered the key concepts of how one can be transformational while being agile so that one can adapt to any changes in the environment along the way.
If you are looking for perfection in the author and participants, then this book is not for you. If you want to learn from the mistakes and lessons learnt from some of the best in industry, then you are at the right place. In this book we will bring to you the tools to fill up the difference between words and action.
This book will give you the secrets of how you can effectively implement change in your personal life, project, or organization – from wherever you are to wherever you want to be. It is where science and arts meet.
It takes determination, planning and effective execution to make agile transformation effective. We will show you all the myths that make you think that you cannot change or accomplish a goal give you a road map and tools to execute a change that you desire. Your age, sex, race, geography etc makes no difference. These are universal principles just like gravity….You can fight gravity or make it work for you – choice is yours.
Transformation / Change is not optional. Even if you have been successful in the past, you have to be open to change. Even large Fortune 100 companies can suffer if they are not amenable to change. Large corporations have professionals that focus on changing the organization. They get direction from leadership as to where they need to go from where they are. Then they design a road map of what it is going to take to make that journey. Along the way they measure the change to see if they are on track to make it happen. This book will give you the foundation of assessing where you are in life, what is most important to you right now that makes your life most meaningful and fulfilling. It will provide you the steps to make those goals into components that you can work on. We have not used technical jargon - instead it is in simple English so that anybody can put this to work without sophisticated tools and technology.
Transformational goals are just dreams and wishful thinking till they have been prioritized and projectized and followed thru by massive action. We do not guarantee results because it will depend on how much committed action one is willing to take. What we do know is that to sleep peacefully at night and live life fullest to the graveyard, one needs to be in this mode to make the most meaningful difference on the planet in this project called life. That is our primary goal. To give you the methods and tools so that you can live life at peak performance every single day. Financial net worth is only one of the metrics in the scorecard of life. There are many more – how many lives would be changed during and even after one leaves the planet. It is upto you to define what your metrics are, what you want your obituary to read. This will give you the thought process, the art, the science and the mechanics – everything that you need. After this, you will lose the right to complain about your past, your reasons for being successful or fulfilled in life. It is like reformatting a tablet to factory settings. All the malware that had kicked in because of external circumstances in your life will be eliminated and you will have clear vision of why you are here on this planet and what you want to be known for when taken to the graveyard. Get excited because the time has come to be the best you can be.

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