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BOLD GOALS - The Workbook: How to Plan and Live the Balanced and Joyous Life of Your Dreams

by Julette Millien


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B.O.L.D. GOALS (THE WORKBOOK) goes beyond goals that are practical and S.M.A.R.T to goals that are Outrageous, Love-driven, Legacy building and Divinely centered. This workbook guides the reader through how to plan and live the balanced and joyous life of their dreams.

Why “BOLD goals”? People routinely fail at average goals so why would we be writing about B.O.L.D. goals? The B.O.L.D. Goals Workbook takes goal-setting and goal-achieving to a whole other level!

The workbook begins with a personal commitment contract and launches into a discussion of the 3 major reasons people fail, and exactly how to avoid those pitfalls.
This workbook takes the reader step by step through the most empowering process that will benefit them way beyond the achievement of goals. This process can and will transform your life IF you are receptive and commit yourself to the work involved. The work includes honest reflection on the questions, completing the thought-provoking exercises and putting the workbook down so you can get into action, sooner rather than later! It will challenge you and inspire you to honor your assets and address your shortcomings. It will get you up and into action, inspired to do your very best and live the life of your dreams.

The approach is comprehensive but not overwhelming. In the 7 sections the reader is guided through the step-by-step planning process, one small step at a time. Beginning with the end in mind, and using the power of imagination, the reader becomes familiar and comfortable with their desired outcomes becoming their reality. Often people set goals, begin to go after them but yet they have not fully accepted the real possibility of achieving it all. We are so steeped in images and fear of failure, we go after wonderful goals but with perhaps an unspoken expectation of minimal to no achievement.

With this workbook, you are primed from the very beginning to go BOLD, take daily action and imagine exactly how the desired outcome will manifest. You begin with the end in mind and with daily imagination sessions, success becomes a natural and inevitable outcome.
The Workbook includes:

• Three major reasons we fail with goals and how to avoid them
• The step-by-step process to plan and achieve your BOLD goals
• How to achieve balance in the 5 Vital Venues™ of your life
• How to create new, powerful habits and replace the bad ones
• Excellent tools including PAL action plan, accountability, self-image mastery, review of your beliefs
and Mindset Self-Evaluation
• Why being grateful and forgiving are essential in achieving your goals
• 50+ empowering questions

Author Julette Millien is passionate about helping to make our world a better place TODAY, and about working with people who share this passion. She believes “we get better so we can do better and serve more.” She is a writer, coach/trainer and creator of products designed to help people serve the world at their highest level. For more information visit her online at

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