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The Ultimate Consumer Awareness Guide:: Everything You Need To Know About How To Properly Select The Right Carpet Or Flooring - But Didn't Know To Ask !

by Don Lovato


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Chances are you are holding this book because you want to get more value for your hard earned dollar and want to avoid the headaches and pain of hiring the wrong carpet or flooring contractor. You have found the right resource. This practical book is intended to help you know which questions to ask and what to avoid when selecting your next carpet or flooring. The proven process set forth in this book will help you properly select the perfect carpet or flooring that's right for your home.
This book is also for people who feel overwhelmed by myriad of carpet or flooring choices. It’s for home owners experiencing more frustration than fun, more stress than satisfaction. If you are overly busy and exhausted, this book will help you to slow down, reflect, face reality and determine the right steps you need to take to improve the simple, yet overwhelming process of selecting your next floor covering.
The good news is you can achieve this goal with less stress, more fulfillment, save yourself some pain and still maintain peace of mind! In order to fall in love with your home again, to reignite your satisfaction and passion for your homes aesthetics, you will have to adopt a strategic mindset and focused approach to properly selecting the right floor covering and the right carpet or floor covering company for you. This proven process will help guide you there.

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