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It's Not What You Make, It's What You Keep: The 7 Steps To Sky-Rocket The Profits Of Your Family-Owned Business.

by Stewart Clark

ASIN: B0111IY6U4

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“If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got.”
Henry Ford

This quote, from the legendary car maker Henry Ford, pretty much sums up business - the market, the economy, customers, staff, and products. Change is about the only constant in business, with no business model immune.

Change of course does not need to be bad, as for every change, there are other new opportunities for those businesses who are able to evolve and move with the times.

Apart from the ability to continually evolve, at the most basic level - a business also needs to be economically viable. It needs to generate sufficient income for the owner to pay the bills, invest in whatever tools or products the business requires, and still have sufficient revenue leftover to provide the owner with a decent return. All the while, operating in a manner which is transferable and able to be sold.

For a variety of reasons, many small to medium businesses struggle with these points.

This book provides a practical "how to" guide for any business to pick up incremental improvements across their operation. Coupled with some clear actions in each chapter, across the whole book, there are some healthy business improvement opportunities for those who choose to act and implement change in their business.

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