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The ABCs of Attitude: Discover Your Secret Formula to Achieve Success in Your Personal and Business Life, Increase Your Emotional Intelligence and GET ATTITUDE! (Attitude Is Everything)

by Glenn Bill

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There is a Common Link in Successful People, Relationships, Teams, Businesses and Leaders...That Link is Attitude!

This book is your Secret Formula to creating an attitude that will reshape, reform and reignite your attitude and put you on the path to increased happiness, success and fulfillment in life.

Attitude has been defined as the way you dedicate yourself to the way you think. We take it a step further and define it as the way you feel about the way you think.

Could examining your attitude about all the areas, relationships and challenges in your life create an awakening that could fuel new levels of excitement, success and vitality in your life?

How about the way you think? Have you ever given it any real thought? Is the way you think giving you what you want out of life?

Everyone wants to talk about and study everyone else’s story; however, the most important story in your your story!

How do you want your story to play out?

In this book you will discover the three biggest mistakes people make when trying to develop a winning attitude.

Glenn shares what he means by “Get Attitude” which is a powerful way to leverage your attitude to overcome any challenge you are facing in your life. His RID OF formula helps you get RID OF complacency, unhappiness, lethargy, bad habits and most of all, yes, a bad attitude!

Creating and improving your attitude is as simple as the ABC’s.

The ABC’s of ATTITUDE is your personal adventure into defining what Your Attitude is, what you would like Your Attitude to be, and guide you through a process in order to change the way you think about life, relationships and success.

This book gives you twenty six ways to boost Your Attitude in a fun and creative way that can be studied every day. You can think of it as your daily dose of Attitude.

Glenn’s Real Life Attitude

Glenn’s Attitude Attributes and Inspirations are his personal experiences that teach and reinforce his formula on how to have an amazing Attitude. These are real life stories and occurrences that will cause you to pause and reflect on some of your own experiences and draw even more insight into Your Attitude and the Attitude of others.

As a Bonus, You Will Get Access to "The GET ATTITUDE Playbook" Developed by America’s #1 Attitude Coach.

With the help of The GET ATTITUDE Playbook you will discover how your current attitude is affecting your life, the choices you make, the results you are getting and the exact game plan to use in order to develop a Winning Attitude.

If you are tired of all the negativity in your life, the lack of vitality in your health and relationships, and most of all that feeling deep in your gut that there is a better you inside, then use this formula to Get Attitude and make the change starting now!

Get Attitude TODAY...Scroll Up and Buy a Copy!

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