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The Successful Kid: Diary for Smart Young Minds - 12 Weeks of Greatness

by Afraa Zammam,Albrecht Behmel,Thaer Zammam

ASIN: B0143J310E

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The Successful Kid is a diary for smart young minds. Daily and weekly summaries help boys and girls 8-13 to write down goals and achievements and learn how to appreciate progress. The book teaches being grateful, creative, responsible and aware. In the first part, kids get to evaluate their surroundings, people, home and stuff they own. In the second part they build their team and start working on their dreams. The book features numerous inspirations to dream big. It is a tool-box for young entrepreneurs, athletes, scientists, artists and other achievers. We wrote the book we wish we’d had when we were little.

Happy kids are successful. That’s the secret. With this book you can help your child to build a successful life around their happiness and values.
Success can be about health, character and life-skills in general, it might also be about a particular subject at school or an activity.
You can share their joy in discovery and learning easily. Work the Successful Kid Diary together and share the entries with the rest of the team. This will encourage you to express opinions, find new topics and talk about feelings. After all, being a parent is not a position, it is a process or a development and a diary helps you to keep track. A diary also helps to create life-long memories. Here is how:

- fill your kid’s life with reading and meaningful images.
- celebrate success and achievements no matter how small. - turn everyday events into mini learning opportunities.
- share your values and beliefs.
- share what you learn with gusto.
- experiment a variety of learning methods.
- provide opportunities to do good.

For what age?
When it comes to learning about goals, you simply can’t start early enough. However, this book is mainly for children between 8-13 years of age.

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