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Let Your Body Choose: Students around the world share their healthy alternatives for ditching processed foods without feeling deprived

by Jordyn Hartunian

ASIN: B015Q714OW

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Today's youth are realizing that commercial food processing and genetic engineering of foods are damaging to their health (and the world), and there is a movement where they are taking a stand.

They have stopped going to Mickey D's and other places of that nature and now eat diets that
are essentially raw, plant-based, vegetarian, and vegan.

What have they discovered?

They feel better, they look better, they have more energy, they are more active, they are healthier, they are thinner, their skin and minds are clearer and they love their new life of healthy eating and living.

What will food processing companies learn about this? Essentially, nothing. The mass food processing industry wants to create addictions, and are specifically targeting our youth in order to reap lifetimes of profit from poisioning the children and young adults, leading them to sickness, depression, disease, and ultimately death.

Learn what five brilliant young minds have learned about how they changed everything in their lives and how they spread the word throughout the world using social networking - to make better lives for themselves and those that network with them.

Now that I let my body choose what I eat, I feel great!

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