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The Un-Worried Brain: Achieve More, Stress Less, and Turn Worry Into Action with Practical Brain Science

by Brad Pendergraft


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Stress, worry, and anxiety are pervasive in today’s high-pressure culture. Many of us know the feelings of tension, the rushing thoughts, the sleepless nights, the inefficient work hours, burnout, frustration, ever deepening overwhelm, constant pressure. And many of us know how these issues become totally out of control!

Fret no more — The Un-Worried Brain provides you with practical and playful solutions!

Using the best elements of contemporary neuroscience presented with the precision of a philosopher and the zany humor of a stand-up comedian, Brad Pendergraft (aka., Brain Coach Brad) demonstrates that stress, worry, and anxiety are actually habits that we can easily break. What’s more, he provides the way to replace these habits with tools for great achievement.

The Un-Worried Brain teaches the simple, enjoyable four-step FIRE! Process, based on practical brain science and enhanced by Brain Coach Brad’s years of working with clients with issues ranging from anxiety to bad relationships to business issues to post-traumatic stress.

Open the pages of this groundbreaking book, and you will learn the secret power of skipping; the stress-busting force of the Thought Cavalry; how taking off your shoe can triple your productivity; how to identify and alter the metaphors and language that unconsciously run your life; the truth about your habits of stress, worry, and anxiety; and how playfulness, celebration, and more celebration are actually the key to your success and the worry-free achievement you’ve always wanted.

About the author: Having suffering tremendously with stress, worry, and anxiety himself, Brad Pendergraft found the most powerful way out of his struggles. He gained a deep understanding of the human brain and learned how to provide this understanding in the most effective ways to the greatest number of people. Brad is known as “Brain Coach Brad,” a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Therapist, Master Practitioner of NLP (neuro-linguistic programing), certified hypnotherapist, Life and Executive Coach, and the co-founder of a national crisis and trauma response company that served 500,000 calls in 2014 alone. In his clinical work, he has logged tens of thousands of hours, has trained thousands of clinicians, and counseled officers in the NYPD after the 9/11 crisis.

He can now be found working with clients across the globe, providing trainings for the world’s best success coaches, turning neuroscience research into practical strategies, and speaking at major events.

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