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Speak Up & Get Out!: How to Survive & Thrive after the Devastation of Domestic Abuse & Violence

by Dr. Tamika Anderson

ASIN: B0165225TK

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Courage and resilience leaps to life for many with the release of the highly anticipated book,Speak Up & Get Out: A Guide to Survive and Thrive from the Devastation of Domestic Violence by respected Domestic Violence Awareness Expert & Strategist, Tamika A. Anderson, D. Sc. For millions who suffer through the trauma of abuse, this self-help book promises to offer a compelling perspective on domestic violence & abuse and a renewed belief in speaking out and taking action against domestic violence. But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to its solid advice on dealing with abusive relationships, it also provides tools and strategies for goal setting, rebuilding your self-worth, living a happier abuse free life, developing a positive attitude, and so much more.

Speak Up & Get Out: A Guide to Survive and Thrive from the Devastation of Domestic Violence provides the insight, tools, and techniques to guide women (and a few good men) who need help navigating through the most challenging process of healing from past and present pain, trauma, and loss. The S.P.E.A.K. Formula detailed in the book is offered with compassion and understanding from a place of personal experience. The end result is for women to know the red flags of domestic violence & abuse, have a safe exit strategy plan, experience wholeness, and finally live the life they desire free from abuse.

As Dr. Anderson states, “You will be broken as long as you allow yourself to be broken. You will be broken if you don’t take the time to love yourself first and rebuild your self-esteem. As your self-worth begins to blossom, all of the excruciating pain you are feeling will slowly fade away.” This book will help you to not only heal and become whole; it will also lead you on a path to create an unimaginable life!”

This book is for you if:
- You’ve tried to do everything right yet your spouse still gets angry.
- Something just doesn’t feel right in your relationship
- You or a loved one might be experiencing some form of domestic abuse.
- You are ready to turn your pain into power.

Dr. Anderson has mentored, coached, and spoken to hundreds of women and has inspired them to take purposeful action to redirect their life. Dr. Anderson offers the insights of her personal experiences from trauma including childhood abuse, molestation, domestic violence, and the traumatic aftermath thereafter. The same techniques which helped her recover, Dr. Anderson offers in this outstanding book with a sincere interest in helping other women overcome pain.

Dr. Tamika A. Anderson is a Domestic Violence Awareness Expert, Strategist, Author, Speaker, Mentor, and Seminar leader. She has helped women to know the red flags, create safe exit strategy plans, and heal from severe abuse and trauma. She has a growing reputation for being a woman who can powerfully transform women’s lives. Some of the techniques she uses in her private sessions are detailed in Speak Up & Get Out: A Guide to Survive and Thrive from the Devastation of Domestic Violence. These tools, strategies, and techniques have transformed lives and many of these techniques come from her own personal experiences in dealing with abuse, grief, loss, and trauma.

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