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I Choose to Live: Your Guide to Getting the Most Out of Every Day

by Travis Pomposello


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In 2007 I had an amazing experience. I nearly died. I went in for routine surgery that went horribly wrong. I awoke to two Catholic priests administering my Last Rites. What happened next changed me forever. I was presented a choice: Live or Die. I chose to live. As I recovered, I tried to go back to my old life. As I attempted to normalize, I became acutely aware that the life I had been living was completely screwed up, and worse -- I was the one holding the screwdriver! My career was stuck and left me feeling unfulfilled, my relationships where mediocre at best, I took my health for granted, and abused my body with destructive and impulsive habits. I was carrying around a ton of self-loathing that I just couldn’t shake free of. I was feeling depressed, anxious, lethargic, and basically not showing up for the life I just fought so hard for!

Did you know that you are making simple mistakes every day that are shortening your life without even thinking about it?

It is time for you to wake up and Choose To L.I.V.E.

Let it out!
Inspire yourself with goals and plans for your future
Visualize a long healthy life
Energize yourself with good food, rest, exercise and positive mental energy

It’s time for you to make a choice:
Continue to die a slow mediocre death or Choose to Live…

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