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The Ultimate Self-Help Guide to Headache Relief: Relieve Your Tension Headaches Naturally and Get Your Life Back

by Daniel Lopez


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Do your headaches affect your relationships, productivity, and daily life? If you suffer from headaches and you want natural solutions, this book is for you. Dr. Daniel Lopez is an osteopathic physician that has helped hundreds of patients that suffer from headaches find relief. The Ultimate Self-Help Guide book is a self-help guide with many unique tips and secrets for headache relief. This book is geared towards those suffering with tension headaches. That does not mean if you suffer from migraine, cluster, or other kinds of headaches, this book will not be of benefit to you. The Ultimate Self-Help Guide is packed with 17 unique manual tips, including pictures and step-by-step instructions on how to do them. What if the manual tips don't work for you? That information is also covered. The first portion of the book is dedicated to covering other potential reasons for headaches and potential solutions or further information. This book contains material that no one else, even your doctor, will know to try.

In this book, you will learn:
  • Why structure is so important in headaches.

  • Why others won't consider subtle structural issues or treat them.

  • Simple ideas to consider if structure is not the answer.

  • Nutritional guidance, especially if you have had brain trauma.

  • What to do if your vision is causing your headaches.

  • How your gut can cause you headaches and the link between the two.

  • Where to look in your environment for potential causes.

  • Stress and how your nervous system may be sabotaging your healing as a result (multiple strategies for this)

  • How many years inflammation can linger in the head after a trauma. (That's right, years. It's more than you think)

  • What nerves you will want to influence and different strategies on how to do it.

  • What structures anatomically may be causing your headaches.

  • Hands on and other strategies to help you find relief.

This book is unlike any other headache book out there. This book approaches tension headaches from different angles. If you would like strategies to help you live headache free, this is a great start. Imagine going through your day without headaches or having tips to help relieve your headaches before they affect you. Grab your copy today and take your life back.

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