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Your Weight Loss G-Spot: The woman’s how-to weight loss system for a healthy, sassy you! An intimate and interactive laugh, learn and lose weight-program that really works

by Michelle Strong,Nancy Milton


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You finally found it! The proven How-to Weight Loss System for a healthy, sassy You!

What woman doesn't want to know where her G-Spot is and how to lose weight?

Your Weight Loss G-Spot is a make-it-happen weight-loss book that combines the fundamentals of nutrition and healthy eating with the mind–body– heart targeted coaching required to get you to your goal and to make it stick.

Just as the G-Spot is elusive to many women, so too are the secrets to lasting weight-loss success. We have cleverly and humorously aligned these two quests throughout their informative and interactive guide to losing weight and keeping it off.

The metaphor of sexual bliss is interwoven seamlessly throughout this how-to, keeping the tone light and helping to drive the main message home. People often feel vulnerable and self conscious when topics of weight and sex come up—this book is about exploring the intimate ‘dark corners’ to ensure this is a life style change success.

This guide is a must-read for anyone seeking a fresh new way to break out of the dieting cycle.

You will learn how to…

    • Detoxify the body for comfortable and easy weight loss

    • Drop pounds and inches fast, without gruelling workouts or starvation

    • Shed unwanted fat by eating foods you love, including carbs

    • Get rid of stubborn belly fat

    • Identify the triggers that lead you to bottomless pit eating

    • Eat foods that increase your energy and that also help you sleep more soundly

    • Trigger fat-burning hormones to lose weight effortlessly

    • Eat so you feel energetic and vibrant every day

    • Eat for nourishment, not emotional and short-lived satisfaction

    What Will I Experience on the Weight loss G-spot System?

    • You will experience weight loss and flush away stubborn body fat quickly

    • You will have a reduction of symptoms like indigestion, bloating, and fatigue

    • You will learn easy ways to speed up your metabolism without going to a gym

    • You will get rid of unhealthy cravings and eat foods that make you feel alive and energetic

    • You will feel more balanced, healthy and happy!

    • You will learn ways to release habits and history of food

    What You Won't See in the Weight loss G-spot System?

      • Calorie counting. Trade in the counting and measuring for a simple weight loss food plan

      • Exercise regimen. You will lose weight even if you don't maintain a rigid exercise regimen

      • Bland, boring foods. Say no to expensive packaged foods and hello to whole, natural food

      • A starvation diet: feel satiated and content with an abundance of healthy food options

      • Slow results. You can expect healthy, easy weight loss by eating the foods you love

      "A brilliant new approach to self-help, weight-loss and positive lifestyle change from two authors who have helped countless people change their lives."

      Dr. T. Nahirny MD

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