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Rx for Healthy Business Growth: How to be Seen, Heard and Sought After. Increase Your Qualified Patient Base, Get Established as an Authority and Accelerate Your Bottom Line

by Donna Poirier


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Healthy Business Growth doesn’t have to be illusive. It also doesn’t mean you have to work longer and harder either. You just have to work smarter and who hasn’t heard that before. But what exactly does that mean to work smarter so your business can enjoy healthy growth? And what is healthy growth verses just growth? Most important, what does all this mean in today’s internet dependent and connected society?

For you, buying this book, it means opportunity! The opportunity to understand and reach your ideal customer and be where your competitor is not! To understand how important a solid Return on Investment really is.

To be seen, heard and sought after, your message needs to be where your ideal customers are. And what you are going to learn in this book is, not any message will do. Your message has to add value above and beyond what would normally be expected to be delivered and available. This is a key step to cultivate a loyal following and build new business. It’s all about Engagement!

The journey to discover the key to healthy business growth will not be an uninformed one. You will need to know the answer to some very directed business questions, or have an understanding of what questions you need to be able to answer to get where you want to go. Some of the questions will require you to personally dig deep and some of the answers may not be pleasant. But please know, this critical first step of awareness is the starting point to the life you envision for yourself.

In this book, I talk about traditional advertising methods that many of your competitors are still using and why they are still being used, reasons that have outlived their usefulness. Advertising has to reach your target market where they go to consume media. Statistics will show turning on the television and bringing in the morning newspaper to be read over breakfast, is not where you want to be in today’s market. It’s not where your audience is!

As an Accountant by trade, I’ve seen businesses spend alarming amounts of money on advertising and other than a line item on their expense sheet and less money in their bank account, they have nothing to show for it. Effective marketing as outlined here, gets you seen, heard and sought after, establishes you as an expert and authority in your field, all while creating tangible, value added asset-based marketing that will have a 24/7, 365 day utility. Essentially this means your message is out there working for you while you sleep, eat, vacation, etc.

In addition, an effective marketing program goes way beyond building your business. It’s about providing you a means to grow and live on your terms. Enjoying a lifestyle of your design. Being recognized by your peers as the expert and authority in your field. It’s about embracing change today’s environment is affording you and being first to cross the finish line.

Not only am I discussing the tools and techniques to get you ahead of the crowd, I have included several interviews of people like yourself who gladly talk about their own experiences and how their lives and businesses have been enriched as a direct result.

And last, for those of you asking, will this work for me? The answer is, yes. Although this book was written for my friends in the medical field, the principles and concepts discussed here are applicable in just about any business!

See you at the finish line!

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