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Cupcakes For Dinner!: The Only Parenting Book That Teaches How Cooking With Your Child Helps You Raise Confident, Caring Kids Without Temper Tantrums or Power Struggles. Includes 85 recipes & more!

by Deborah Owen


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How many times, outside the confines of the car, do you get into real conversations with your kids? What kind of relationship do you really want to have with them, and what are some of the best ways to make it a great relationship??

If you want to be truly connected with your kids, both so you know what is truly going on inside their heads, and so you know that you have at least some influence over the choices they make, then Cupcakes for Dinner is for you.

Full of a wide variety of great family-friendly recipes - including a number of gluten-free and vegetarian options - as well as actionable tips to create an amazing relationship with your kids, Cupcakes for Dinner helps you understand the parent-child connection in a whole new way, and places it in the center of your home: the kitchen.

If you hardly ever have a family meal - and when you do, it all heads south quickly and ends in arguing - then you will really appreciate the tips, suggestions, and recipes in Cupcakes for Dinner.

If your kitchen is primarily a battleground where you face off about homework, grades, poor manners, missed curfews, and video games, it’s time to consider making a mental and emotional shift.

Instead, think of the kitchen as the best place to be present in your kids’ lives, to learn about who they really are, to teach them skills that they need to learn, and to help them build self-confidence for other areas of life.

Author Deborah C. Owen is a family and life coach, long-time public school teacher, youth advisor, speaker, and mother of 3 young adults. In Cupcakes for Dinner she shares terrific tips and strategies for creating the best relationship you can imagine with your kids. She has gathered over 80 delicious, tried-and-true, family-tested recipes, so that you and your kids can work side-by-side in the kitchen, learning, loving, and laughing together.

So be sure to get this book for yourself and your kids, and for all the kids in your life. You will learn:
WHY you want to spend time with your kids
HOW to spend that time together without straying into arguments and power struggles
WHAT children learn when they get to be with you, doing positive things together
HOW kids benefit from learning kitchen-based skills, in particular
HOW to boost your child’s self-confidence, which, in turn, helps them be successful in other things like school, activities, and relationships
PLUS all 80+ delicious, tried-and-true, family-tested recipes.

Recipes contributed by:
Rachel Akers
Gavin Allison
Tameka Anderson
Kimberley Bell
Erin Chase
Carin Cundey
Vikki Ede
Karen Eidson
Amanda Flowers
Wendy Gardner
Maureen Garry
Donovan Green
Melissa Hagan
Clancy Cash Harrison
Claire Hendy
Vicki Higgins
Tracey A. L. Ingle
Anne Larchy
Todd London
Kathy Magnusson
Stephanie O’Dea
Deborah C. Owen
Jane Polley
Rebecca Reble
Matt Robinson
Colleen Shibley
Barbara Sipler
Alison Smith
Linda Tighe
Alex West
Dana Wilde
Wendy Williams
Janna Yamron
Laurie Zerga

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