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Living Impossible Dreams: A 7-Step Blueprint to help you break free from limiting beliefs that have chained you down, so you can achieve greatness in all areas of your life.

by Freddy Behin M.D.,Steve Butcher,Brian Tracy,Sean Stephenson

ASIN: B0195YIS96

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"Do you remember the first time you gave up on a dream… that impossible dream that excited you to your core?
Do you remember when you first agreed with other people's limiting beliefs about you? Freddy Behin, too, was challenged relentlessly by those same voices that said it wasn't possible. But he knew that if there was at least a one in a million chance ... He could figure out how to overcome it.

In his book
“Living Impossible Dreams”, he will take you on a journey of impossible endeavors where he will teach you step by step concepts that will help ensure success in your life, relationship, finances, business, education or simply going through academic or physical challenges.

If you are tired of mediocrity and excuses, let Freddy help you get your impossible dream to become not just a possibility but a reality.

He created a Blueprint that has become the key to all of his success. He has used this process repeatedly throughout his life to defy insurmountable odds and live out his own impossible dreams . . .

    • to become a world class gymnast competing at the Gymnastics World Championship and as a starting gymnast for UCLA.

    • to invent a gymnastics strength move on the Rings (Olympic Maltese) and be the only gymnast in global history to successfully pull off this strength move on the Rings at the competitions.

    • to become an MD when all those "in the know" said he would never even get into Medical School

    • speak 4-languages fluently, when he was told he had no talent in the department of languages in High-School.

    • to develop the programming code and modeling software that radically simplified the software researchers and cardiologists used during the research of the first artificial pacemakers.

    • to have a successful and alternative gymnastics club when he was told his business model would not work.

    • to become a successful entrepreneur and leader.

    • to become a top success and results coaches and help people live a fulfilling life and achieve their wildest dreams.

    In this book he will lead you through his proven process for helping people just like you to achieve and live their own impossible dreams!

    “Impossible is a word used by those who are afraid of themselves. ‘Impossible’ is a concept that keeps the masses asleep and controllable. Impossible is a conductor that synchronizes insecurities to work together as one. Freddy Behin doesn’t speak that word, understand that concept, or take direction from that conductor.”

    Dr. Sean Stephenson

    Author of “Get Off Your ‘BUT’: How to end self-sabotage and stand up for yourself”

    “Dr. Freddy Behin, rose from humble beginnings to achieve not only one, but many of his impossible dreams.
    Even more than his incredible high-achieving drive, what sets him apart is his integrity, his huge heart, and the way he loves to help the people around him. Freddy is one of those individuals who will have an impact on your life one way or another.
    I hope that you get the chance to work with Freddy, and let him guide you through his magic!”

    Brian Tracy

    Entrepreneur, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author & Success Expert

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