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I Can. I Am. End of Story.: 6 Steps To Command Your Limitless Power To Heal.

by Laura Boysen

ASIN: B01960GO22

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It’s time to start commanding the quantum field, the law of attraction, and your bodies innate ability to self-repair to work for you, not against you (or just passively riding along next to you).

After a decade of trying to heal my autoimmune disease, I stopped trying to heal it and instead started believing in my perfect health. I went from “I can heal” (because I already 100% believed in the bodies ability to self repair - which this book will help you to do to) to “I have and I am perfect health” (because it wasn’t until I got here that healing actually started to happen - even after 10 years of elimination diets). Every Law of Attraction expert will tell you the fastest way to manifest is to believe you've already achieved what you are looking to manifest. But how do you do that when it comes to your health? How do you believe “I am perfect health” and what happen when you do? It’s not really easy for most, it certainly hasn't been for me. This book will expedite your journey to health 10 fold by teaching the 6 principles/practices I used to do that, BELIEVE, and why and how they can work for you to. This book is both scientific and spiritual. Because it took the scientific to believe I can, but the spiritual to believe I am.

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