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by Mary Ann Orzech


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An F-16 flight surgeon’s FLIGHT plan to become a powerful and resilient leader and bring your healthcare team to peak performance.

As an aerospace medicine specialist and pioneer, Colonel (Retired) Dr. Mary Ann Orzech learned what bold leadership means in some of the most demanding and extreme environments imaginable: the backseat of an F-16 cockpit. Here, flight and maintenance teams had to perform at their peak for lives were on the line. Indecisive leadership was simply unacceptable. Through these experiences, Dr. Orzech identified a fundamental truth: high-performing teams require powerful and resilient leaders.

Since retiring from the Air Force, she’s translated those lessons into a 6-Step F.L.I.G.H.T Plan , helping physicians to recognize their leadership potential and enter the arena. The current competitive health care environment requires physicians to have a voice in the changes and transformation occurring in health care delivery. Every physician is a leader and now is not the time to eject from leadership responsibilities. In Physician Leadership: Ejection is not an option, Dr. Orzech walks you through the 6 steps of the F.L.I.G.H.T Plan—and then reveals powerful leadership in action, offering advice on how to focus on a bold vision, lead by example, bring the team together (as wingmen) and stand shoulder to shoulder, execute effectively, and stay resilient through hard times.

Whether you’re stepping into your first leadership role or looking to get into the leadership arena, Physician Leadership: Ejection is not an option, will act like your afterburner—propelling you and your team to higher levels of performance. Physician leadership is essential to build an organizational culture that values and supports quality and patient safety.

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