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The Youngblood Code: Change your perception about aging and your body will follow

by Valerie Youngblood

ASIN: B0196DR2V6

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Would it not be wonderful to wake up everyday with a feeling of contentment, gratitude and a sense that you know all is well and you will be able to deal with anything the day may bring, Well this is what this book is all about. Understanding just how our mind, thoughts, feelings, emotions play into how we perceive the world around us. In these conditioned perceptions, we make choices affecting our body, mind,spirit and overall wellbeing that can extend or shorten our life. Most of us know little about how our minds work, but if we have the knowledge and skills to positively purposefully program our brains to function in our best interest, we will live longer, healthier, more productive lives. Dr. Youngblood guides you through proven strategies to empower your life, by developing a deeper understanding of yourself and learning how to create the reality you wish to live and flourish in. The goal is to make the best choices in what to eat to maintain a healthy weight., what steps to take to manage stress, what choices to make to decrease cancer and chronic disease risks, what choices to make assure our brains stay sharp and clear. Simply put, what choices to make to stay vibrant, active, resilient and in support of our youngblood.

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