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Breaking The Bestseller Code: Discover the 5 Hidden Secrets that Let You Become a #1 Best Selling Author to Gain Instant Credibility and Authority So You ... Your Business (Best Seller Book Launch)

by Rory Carruthers


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Struggling to find more leads for your business? Learn how writing a bestselling book can make your calendar fill with prospects!

Do you struggle to get new leads or book speaking engagements? Do you wish there was an easier way to fill your pipeline and get more sales in the process? Author and International Book Launch Expert Rory Carruthers has five #1 International Bestselling Books and has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Business Journal, and The Boston Globe. Let him show you exactly how to write and launch a book so you get you new leads to grow your business.

After helping hundreds of business owners become #1 Bestselling Authors and gaining more leads in the process, Rory has learned what books need to get you new leads daily. Through easy-to-follow tips and helpful examples, Breaking The Bestseller Code gives you the tools you need to get a steady stream of leads on your calendar every single day.

In this book, you'll discover:

  • The single best way to take your business to the next level
  • Why who you are in the eyes of your prospects matters 
  • How you can get more leads for your business using a simple book "hack"
  • Who your ideal customer is and how to connect with them
  • How to close more deals and make more money, and much, more! 

Finally, you no longer have to worry about where your leads are coming from. With a lead generation system in place as well as proper positioning and authority that comes from being a #1 Bestselling Author, your business can perform significantly better. You want more leads for your business, and Rory's system is a great way to make it a reality.

If you like results based writing, plenty of examples, and direct, actionable tasks, then you'll love Rory Carruthers' look behind the scenes at how he creates books that generate leads.

Buy Breaking The Bestseller Code today to get new prospects for your business who are excited to work with you!

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