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Management Consulting for Medics: How to maximise your medical experience, pass the selection process and beat the competition. (Career Accelerator Series)

by Aroon Baskaradas


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Management Consultancy for Medics by Dr Aroon Baskaradas is an in-depth career guide for doctors looking to diversify into this exciting field. Whether you are taking a sabbatical, or diversifying your medical career, this book is for you. It's simple step-by-step guidance and warts 'n' all tales of the field will leave you in no doubt about whether management consultancy is right for you.

Management consultancy can be an ideal alternative career for doctors, particularly those who wish to consult in healthcare. Doctors bring unique skills and clinical experience to the table that can be invaluable to healthcare organisations. Doctors with a passion for business strategy and a desire to work on projects that could have a broader impact on healthcare (or other field) will find management consultancy a tantalising career choice.

Management Consultancy for Medics contains real life case studies of doctors who have successfully made the transition, expert advice on how to best prepare yourself for the application process, and insider tips on how to beat the competition. The contents of this essential niche career guide include:

1. Why become a management consultant?
2. Seven reasons why doctors fail to become management consultants
3. A management consultant defined: salary, lifestyle and typical week
4. Preparing to become a management consultant
5. Where to apply and how to apply
6. Scoring criteria for the application process
7. The management consultancy interview and how you will be assessed
8. Is consultancy really right for me?
9. Final tips to help you beat the competition
10. Useful resources

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