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Heal Your Concussion: How To Quickly And Effectively Get Back In The Game

by Joanny Liu


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Concussions Are Temporary!

Most medical doctors believe concussions aren’t treatable. They see managing them as difficult. Even neurologists who treat top athletes
believe this.

If this is what you’ve been told, I’ve got great news for you! None of it is true.

Imagine a different future: No more depression. No more suicidal thoughts. Instead, you’ve got ambition. You’ve got drive. You’ve got energy! You’ve got a way to get back in the game—and that means your athletic career as well as everyday life. All because you were given a formula that I call FLOW™. In my practice, FLOW™ is how patients quickly heal from concussion and post-concussion syndrome . . . and get back into the game.

Praise for Heal Your Concussion:
“At last! Save your brain and potentially, your life. For those who are skeptical about just rest as a treatment for concussion, this is an innovative approach to a very vexing problem and a paradigm shift for healing concussions. Dr. Joanny shows you how to eliminate all that pain and suffering with practical steps by using a whole brain approach to create positive thinking. This book is a must-read for any athlete who continues to suffer from the aftermath of concussion.”
Dr. Carri Drzyzga, The Functional Medicine Doc, author of "Reclaim Your Energy and Feel Normal Again!"

"Dr Joanny’s straightforward and easy to digest style takes this complicated, and somewhat misunderstood, subject matter and turns it on its head. She provides direct, clear and implementable solutions and has created a refreshing point of view on how to fix yourself when you have sustained a concussion. I would highly recommend that if you or someone you know has sustained a concussion, you get several copies of the book. One for the person who has sustained the injury, and one for each of those people around them who haven’t understood what is happening. Just go and get it right now! You won’t be disappointed.”
Samuel M. Gaylord, Esq., The Law Practice Doctor, Gaylord & Pop, Managing Partner, Attorneys at Law for the People

Concussions Are Temporary! Don’t wait. Get this book and start healing your concussion NOW!

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