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Doing Good And Doing Well: The Keys To A Happy And Healthy Life

by Adeline Heng


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If you have forgotten how to dream, this book is for you. We used to have dreams about what we would be when we grow up. But when life happens, we let our dreams take a back seat. We begin to believe all the lies and fears which hold us back and we even forget our dreams. Everyone desires a life that is flourishing and is full of happiness, love and joy. We must have a clear idea of our life purpose that means, what we want and why we desire it. If we want better results, then we have to change our behaviours and actions.

This book offers many inspirations, self-help strategies, and ideas, for communication and time management that you can use to build up a strong belief system to be the driver of your life again. It contains several step-by-step guides that builds confidence and self-esteem, giving you the motivation and fire to keep going. Also learn from Adeline’s weight-loss journey, how she conquered limiting beliefs, developed healthy eating habits, and gain knowledge about diet and nutrition to regain her ideal body.

What others are saying about the book
Doing Good and Doing Well precisely reflects Adeline's intentions. By sharing her own weight loss story and making it relevant for the reader she has written a great book that gives you guidance and many useful techniques on how to potentially achieve better health and your ideal body shape.
Jochen Siepmann, Investor, Trainer, Mentor and Author

A heart-felt, honest, and tender book. Enormously helpful to those who want to take control of or seek purpose in life. I will encourage you to read it thoroughly and you will find inspirational gems that you can apply for success.
Anm Pek, Best Selling Author of Success Today, Author of The Secret Code: Is It For Real?, Founder of Game of Life Academy

An invaluable resource for busy executives who are tired of chasing shiny objects and want more drive for their lives. I appreciate Adeline’s honesty in sharing her own experience and the resources packed into it. If you read this book and take action, expect to see results.
Franky Ronaldy, Best Selling Author of Life Sucks!

Doing Good and Doing Well sets to break bad habits that hinders, so anyone can understand and use the power of dreams to change their lives forever. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a desire to grow their mental capacity and personal significance.
Patsy Chia, Best Selling Author of Burden No More

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