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Getting There: Grief to Peace for Young Widows

by Deb Rae


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Deb’s husband was killed in a random accident while they were living overseas. In an instant, she lost her best friend and had to leave behind her home, her job and her dreams. She gets how horrible life becomes as a young widow, how you wonder if you’re going crazy and whether there’s any hope for a better future.

In her words, Deb sucks as a widow. She kicked, screamed, ran away. She felt alone, overwhelmed and thought she’d never be happy again.

“I searched for a guidebook to get me through those first twelve months and beyond. There was none. I knew there must be hundreds of young widows facing the same pain every week – and they probably felt as lost as I did”.

Deb went looking for those women – they talked, cried, shouted, laughed and hoped together. She realised she wasn’t crazy and remembered how to smile. Then she got serious about really living her own life again. She’ll help you do that too.

With wit and wisdom, Deb walks with you as you work out:
•How do I calm my crazy brain?
•Where’s the guidebook?
•What do I tell my kids?
•How do I handle the stupid things people to say to a young widow?
•How do I get through anniversaries, birthdays and other scary events?
•The minefield of meeting someone new.
•How to get to ‘me’.

Deb’s book is ground-breaking, well-researched, courageous and uplifting. There has never been anything written with so much sincerity, honesty or usefulness for young widows going through such life-changing experience.

Her real, honest and revealing words connect with your pain. Then make you laugh. She helps you understand why you feel the way you do and that it’s (almost) all ‘normal’. And she helps you dig deep into your own strength so you can take another step into your future. All this is backed up with lots of practical survival tips tested by many other young women.

It’s also vital reading for family, friends and professionals wanting to understand the world of a grieving young widow and know how to support her.

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