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God is Real and I Can Prove It...: Prison to Promise & Bank Robbery in Between

by Linda Catina Morris

ASIN: B01G370E8Q

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When you’ve gone through the worse times in life, do you feel like God is not there? Does it seem like you have been forgotten, abandoned, and left to struggle through the dark tunnel all alone?

The great news is that God will come to you at your lowest point in life if you lift your arms up to Him and ask. He will pull you up and start working on you.

In this inspiring book God is Real and I Can Prove It, Linda "Catina" Morris uses her story to show that in every circumstance God is with us, even when you don’t think He is there. She spent a decade in and out of prison and during her time behind bars she lost her son to suicide, had a baby, unexpectedly lost her father, and found God.

God expects you to ask for help, and He will be there to provide the shoulder to lean on in hard times and help you whether the storm you might face.

Linda "Catina" Morris has been through unimaginable situations, but pulled through because she found strength in the word of God. He came to her at her lowest points and revealed Himself to her. She found the courage to tell her story to affect lives around the world and prove that no matter the circumstance, God is Real, and He is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Below is what you will find inside:

· Permission to Redirect: navigating your way when you’ve fallen off course
· Relationships Matter: Creating meaningful and eliminating toxic relationship
· The Christian Cover-up: Finding God in surprising places
· How to Prepare for prison and How to Support a loved one going to prison
· Final Thoughts
· Prayers and Scripture

Do yourself a favor and read and share this book. This book is for Christians, those who have lost their way, families who have lost loved ones to suicide, and for those who have been impacted by the prison system. It doesn't matter if you are a Christian or not, this book was written to cut across different audience, no matter your faith, because its message of hope and strength is universal and inspiring.

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