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The Art of Inclusion: Conscious Leadership for a Diverse World

by Pollie Massey


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In THE ART OF INCLUSION® Leading Consciously in a Diverse World

Author, Inclusion Strategist and Speaker Pollie Massey shares the process of inspiring and engaging others to move in a direction to accomplish something together for all of us. This book is for you whether you are an Entrepreneur or a Corporate Executive. She reminds us that Leaders are people who activate and sustain this process intentionally.

Diversity is the core of the business philosophy of the ideas that guide the work of the Art of Inclusion® and Pollie Massey shows the way to anyone who wants to show up and lead authentically. In these pages you’ll discover:

•How to lead with a Reputation of Inclusiveness
•How to expand your reach to impact Productivity
•Why inclusive leaders choose self compassion over self esteem
•How to foster creativity by encouraging innovation

•This book is for you if you want to lead others with honor, humility, respect, integrity and unconditional responsibility. If you are seeking how to build your business or lead your team by fostering a culture that values the unique experiences and perspectives of each employee and fully engages everyone in driving success, then the Art of Inclusion will answer this burning question for you… How can I lead authentically, still be enough while keeping and protect my inner peace? You are enough. Let’s take this journey together.

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