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Managing Your Crazy Self!: Turning your Turbulence into Tranquility

by Randy Guttenberger,Shawn Carson


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(Second Edition) #1 International Bestseller in FOUR categories. Including Communicative Disorders in Special Ed., Development & Growth Economics, and Anxieties & Phobias in the US and Inner Child in AU. An intriguing, easy-to-read guide on how to manage your thoughts and emotions to gain peace within. This new understanding portrays how your instinctive brain functions through the Ostrich and your conscious mind through the Rhino. The end result connects quickly with the reader, makes you smile, brings healing, and is quite powerful. Once you understand these insights, you will never look at life the same way again! What drives you crazy ? Is there something that just sets you off consistently? Is your mind incapable of shutting off all the mental chaotic chatter and stirring emotions? Why is that? What is the root source of your mind coming up with the things it does? Well, you are about to find out—and discover a great deal more. This book is designed to give you insights, in a bit of a humorous way, into how the brain is wired and explores how you can manage the constantly working instinctive brain, which is your greatest challenge. A close friend pointed out to me that most people don’t really want to know how the house is wired—they just want the light to come on when they flip the switch. He may be right. The problem, of course, comes when you flip the switch, and the light doesn’t come on! Well, let’s see, is the problem the bulb? The switch? The circuit breaker? Or, is there no power at all? Who is supposed to fix this? Life has moments like a nonworking light bulb with its petty annoyances, and its major setbacks and disappointments. We all have things to overcome. No one comes through unscathed. Most importantly, who is going to fix me when my light doesn’t come on? Think about it. No one’s life turns out like they thought it would. Have things not worked out quite the way you wanted in your life? When you don’t repair how the mind captures pain and disappointment, you live with unhealthy thoughts and emotions, forming into unmet expectations. Coping mechanisms develop and become a way of life. They run in an endless loop in your head and play out in your behaviors and ultimately in your relationships. Track how you handle your relationships and you can discover the source of your unmet emotions. These unmet emotions can harm your confidence, your relationships and wreck your happiness. The brain processes an incredible amount of information before you are consciously aware. That can be a challenging thought, if not downright overwhelming—at least until you know how to think clearly and make good decisions. Soon you will know so much more. The result is healthy thinking, genuine peace, better relationships, and assuring comfort in the knowledge that you will be okay. Learn it, do it, and become a better believer in you. You are wired to succeed! It truly is all about what happens between the ears. Welcome to the discovery of the instinctive brain, the conscious mind, and the human spirit. Endorsements “Your approach (on a topic I know well) is unique and easy to read. This would be a vital tool for counselors, coaches, and think tanks.” - Dr. Barbara Baethe, Ph.D., LPC “You get out of the chute fast, and right away you’ve got me looking at things differently. Your talent and humor come through, and you keep the reader thinking and turning the pages to see what’s next.” - Michael Carr, Freelance Editor “Why hasn’t anyone taught this before? I wish I had known this long ago.” - Gregg Sanders, Chief Operating Officer

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