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The Hidden Hormone Solution: Discover the Secret to Health and Vitality at Any Age

by Trevor Botts


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Imagine being educated, motivated, and inspired to take control of your own health. This book is a roadmap to lifelong health based upon a natural, holistic, and effective approach. Think of this book as a why-to manual: Learn why it is important for you to understand these hormone systems, the effect stress has on your body, and how you can go about finding the right help.

In this book you will:

· Understand Why Our Country Is in a Health Crisis and We Are Suffering the Consequences

· Discover Ways to Support Your Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself

· Learn About the Four Most Common Hormone Imbalances That Cause Chronic Disease

· Identify If You Might Be Developing One of These Hormone Problems

· Gain Tools to Create a Healthier Way of Life

“This book is a roadmap to lifelong health based upon a natural, holistic, and effective approach. Each chapter is packed with one breakthrough insight after another.”

— Dr. Charlie Webb, Leading Expert in Optimizing Health

“The Hidden Hormone Solution is a must-read for anyone serious about embracing a natural approach to an improved life—at any age.”

— Dr. Stephanie J. Clark, Author of the book A.L.I.V.E. How to Transform Your Cells and Yourself from Disease to Wellness

“The information provided in this book can help people make necessary decisions for the rest of their lives as they age gracefully.”

— Dr. Jay Goodbinder, PScD, Founder of The Epigenetics Healing Center

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