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How To Keep Your Children Safe Online: And Put An End To Internet Addiction!

by Ruth Dearing


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Are you a busy parent, struggling to maintain a healthy work/life balance? Do you have children between the ages of three and twelve that you would do just about anything for in terms of keeping them safe, happy and healthy? Are you overwhelmed by the idea of trying to keep up with your tech-savvy children as far as their use of technology goes?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all of these questions you’ll benefit from reading this book – irrespective of whether you’re concerned about how your children are using technology right now or in the future. This book explains what the online dangers are, how they may affect your children, and what you can do to keep your children safe.

Parenting has always been a challenge, there’s no doubt about that. But parenting in the digital age is a whole new ball game. We are the first generation raising ‘digital natives’ (children who don’t know of a world without swipe screens and mobile devices), yet we grew up prior to the existence of this technology. No wonder it’s tricky!

For many parents, knowing that their children are probably smarter than they are (as far as the use of technology goes) is scary. You know about the dangers posed by technology: your kids will soon stumble upon inappropriate content online if they haven’t already done so, and there are privacy risks to be aware of. The idea of your children being on social media is not one you’re looking forward to. Tweens and teens commonly get themselves in all sorts of strife, posting content without thinking about the consequences. And then there’s cyber bullying.

It was only after experiencing and overcoming the harmful effects of technology addiction with one of her young children that author Ruth Dearing was inspired to candidly share her experiences to help other parents. Through her ongoing research she has gained extensive and valuable knowledge on the topic of children and technology. By reading this book you and your children can access and benefit from that knowledge.

Despite its serious nature, this book is presented in a conversational and entertaining way that parents can relate to. The author shares her own unique and true stories that you won’t find elsewhere, along with statistics that all parents with young children and/or tweens need to know about in order to succeed with parenting in the digital age. It’s the ideal first step you can take in guiding your children to be safe, healthy and balanced online.

Topics covered include improving communication with your children, how to avoid the top three mistakes parents make, potential scenarios your children may find themselves in, dealing with social media and more. Exercises at the end of each chapter will help you implement suggested tips and strategies.

With the onset of the digital age it’s become clear that you’ll need to learn how to raise your children to be safe and resilient not only in their physical world but also in their online world. Internet safety for kids is increasingly more challenging with over a thousand new sites, games and apps appearing online daily. The only way to help your children safely navigate through the labyrinth of technology is to educate yourself and then apply your knowledge, working with your children towards a common goal. That’s precisely what this book will help you to do.

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