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The Time Retriever: What Will You Do With The Extra Hours in Your Day?

by Peter Johnson


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This book is about helping business owners and managers to get control of their day-to-day working life. However, it can also be used by anyone looking to create more success in their life. I have written it so that you can work through each step of the planning process, one at a time, using the templates provided at the back of the book. You can then use the second part of the book to help eliminate Procrastination, Interruptions and Distractions in your day. It was written as a result of coaching business owners for nearly 9 years and over 30 years of business management and people management experience. It is meant to be a resource that can be reviewed over and over again, because getting control of your time will not happen overnight (there is no magic that makes this happen immediately). You will need to develop and grow your skills constantly My recommendation is that you find someone who has the skills to help you develop your time management knowledge and skills, and more importantly, keep you accountable for doing what you plan to do. I hope you enjoy using this resource and gain a lot of success from using it. Remember, this material can only increase your knowledge; you actually have to action what you learn to make it work.

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