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7 Simple Principles to Double Your Income: a Proven Journey to Stop Wasting Time and Build the Business of Your Dreams - Financial Advisor Edition

by Wouter Snyman


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How has Wouter Snyman and his team at attooh! Group of Companies rapidly grown their brokerage from 2 Financial Advisors to more than 200 Financials Advisors in a few short years? What is it that a controlled group of 113 Financial Advisors did, that resulted in the group being up in productivity by 600% in six months, over the remaining 2500 advisors that were not part of Bill Gibson's controlled group on his sales and personal marketing program? The answers lie in this focused, insightful, practical guide on the 7 Simple Principles To Double Your Income for Financial Advisors. Snyman and Gibson, in this comprehensive book, unveil the proven journey to stop wasting time, create leverage in your business and accelerate your financial returns that far exceed your goals, all within months, instead of years and decades. The 7 Principles include: Principle 1 Build Your Business on a Solid Foundation, Principle 2 Target the Right Prospects and Clients, Principle 3 Focus with Frequency, Principle 4 The Right Strategies for the Right Clients, Principle 5 Be a Referral Magnet, Principle 6 Stand Out From The Crowd, Principle 7 Capitalise on Your Successes and a Bonus Chapter by Shane Gibson on Social Selling for Financial Advisors.

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