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Wealth Building For The Aspiring Entrepreneur: How To Start Building Your Legacy NOW!

by Manola Webster


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Most Americans can go throughout their entire lives & never understand anything about Money, Capitalizism, Finance or the Economy. Education is subject specific. These subjects are not taught in the vast majority of schools; especially in grades K-12. Actually, someone can even get several advanced college degrees up to & including a doctorate; & if they don't take these types of courses (as electives or as part of the curriculum for a career in the financial industry), they can be at the same financial educational/literacy level as someone who did not even graduate from high school. Something has to change.
This book will in no way rectify this situation completely. However, it is designed to give people a clue on how to go about navigating in the financial world in America. It should help people who want to transition from being employees to business owners; & achieve the American Dream of not just Home Ownership; but Entrepreneurship & Building a Legacy of Wealth & Prosperity for their themselves & their families for generations to come. This is what I feel is: (Quality of) Life, Liberty (& Financial Freedom) & the Pursuit of Happiness! As SPOC from Star Trek would say: "Live Long & Prosper"!

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