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Body and Balance - YogaPilates Fusion: A Mind Body and Balanced Practice

by Jill Healy-Quintard


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Jill Healy-Quintard of Body and Balance describes and demonstrates the poses and the benefits of her YogaPilatesFusion fitness methodology.

My YogaPilates Fusion program is based on the ten key foundational principles of wellbeing that I identified many years ago. I share these with you on the next page.

This book is your introduction to the YogaPilates Fusion program. It is broken into three sections that represent the transition from warm-up through to cool down and complete relaxation.

My experience as a teacher of both Yoga and Pilates for almost 40 years has proven to me and my thousands of clients that fusing the aspects of Yoga that are focused on breath, mind body awareness and balance, with the aspect of Pilates that are focused on building muscular, postural strength and alignment, is a powerful formula for maximising results.

You will notice that the description of all of the poses in the following pages have recommendations about the ideal breathing technique to maximise your results. As a general rule, breathing through the nostrils will have an immediate effect on the state of your brain as it opens the lungs, clears the mind and helps with the detoxification of the body. Traditional Pilates breathing through the nose and out through the mouth stimulates, clears and balances the body and helps with the release of toxins.

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