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Hive: The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living: How our Family makes it Work

by Lisa M. Cini


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4-Generations live under one roof in Columbus, Ohio, and they’ve figure out to make it work. Dividing responsibilities and chores, re-designing some physical spaces for privacy, and reconfiguring others into common areas for all to gather and enjoy living together.

This tale of Heartache, Heroism and Hope is one family’s multi-generational social experiment, which encompasses kids in their teens, parents in their 40’s, grandparents in their 70’s and a 90+ great-grandmother. Together, as they navigate the joys and challenges that come with aging in America, they’re also answering the question “How does family help you thrive at home when you’re old?” An Alzheimer’s/Dementia diagnosis adds a layer of complexity, yet the family resolves to keep their eldest at home for as long as she’s happy, safe and engaged in life. The younger generation learns much from their elders, and the elders from their children, and while mastering the use of technology and new family systems; they’re also mastering the use of humor, tolerance and patience. Ultimately, that’s what makes this 4-Generation experiment a success.

Practical design advice and clear-eyed strategies are mixed with personal tips and observations, making it easy to see how anyone can transform their home in into their own multi-generational living situation. Honest stories—funny and poignant, make it easy to see why anyone would want to. The family’s fiascos are counterbalanced by their many successes, the greatest one being that as individuals and as a family, they continue to thrive.

“This is not just a book, it’s a MOVEMENT. Lisa Cini did not choose to write HIVE, HIVE chose her.” Kute Blackson, Transformational Teacher and Bestselling Author of YOU.ARE.THE.ONE.

Behind the idea for this book is my hope that anyone who picks it up and reads it will see an opportunity to connect, and care for, their family—all different ages of their family—under one roof. This idea is not new; my family just went back to what worked many years ago.

It’s very important to me that this book adds great value and insight to your life. I think of it as “cafeteria style.” Pick what you like, turn to which chapter you need. Take what’s valuable and enjoy the meal. Please try not to bite off more than you can chew, not in this book, nor in the idea behind it: Multi-generational living as a positive way to live with your family…your kids, grandparents and great-parents, if you’re fortunate enough to have them with you.

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