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The Obvious Authority: How to Position Yourself as The Obvious Authority in Less than 90 Days Without Spending a Fortune

by Jim Lewis


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The fastest way to increase your business as a consultant is to get people to recognize you as the Obvious Authority in your field. But to achieve this recognition it’s not enough to just be an expert. Recognition will come only when you take the necessary actions to position yourself as the premier Obvious Authority.

Creating and then implementing a plan to achieve the recognized status of the Obvious Authority is a crucial step many consultants fail to develop. This book gives you a structured line of attack that sets you apart from those who are overlooked and underpaid.

Use the low-cost and in many cases no cost marketing strategies contained within this book and you will master the strategies and techniques that make a difference between succeeding as the premier consultant or just getting by as one of many.

Clients connect with consultants who they believe to be credible, reputable and expert in a specific field. They call on Obvious Authority’s. Clients know and respect the Obvious Authority and what that expert can do for them, even before they pick up the phone or send an e-mail to contact him or her. Obvious Authorities, unlike average consultants, can be selective in choosing clients rather than scrambling for what business they can get.

Imagine clients seeking you instead of you constantly chasing them. Visualize yourself having the luxury of interviewing potential clients to determine whether they are qualified to be working with you instead of how it’s so often the other way around.

Apply the suggestions insights and proven consultant strategies found in this book. The techniques you are about to learn will help you gain the recognition you deserve. You will be showing potential clients that you are the Obvious Authority instead of telling them that you are an expert in your field and you will find yourself working with client’s eager to hear what you have to say - people whose problems you know you can solve and are willing to pay the fees you always wanted to charge..

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