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Wheelchair Wisdom: Awaken Your Spirit Through Adversity

by Linda Noble Topf


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Topf’s personal stories, innovative concepts, meditative suggestions and exercises provide an inspirational book for women, men and families coping with adversity. This self-help guide makes it easy for readers to navigate through thorny, difficult issues that we may face and acknowledge a more meaningful way of BEING that helps lead the way to:

•Develop compassion and courage to work within fears, doubts and self-defeating beliefs
•Recognize and claim self-worth
•Restore peace of mind
•Celebrate freedom
•Experience life with grace and gratitude
•Be grateful for each moment as a conscious choice
•Explore what is possible, regardless of current challenges

Wheelchair Wisdom offers illuminating, practical steps that introduce a new vision of possibility and gratitude that allows anyone facing adversity to move forward on a path of fulfillment, peace and self-love. The power of positive thinking helps us achieve this unique perspective and transforms the conflict, fear and separation that may dominate our lives.

Each moment of our lives can become a time of conscious, positive, life-affirming choice. Wheelchair Wisdom shows you how - by delivering this extraordinary and practical message.

Linda resides outside Philadelphia with her husband - and best friend - of thirty-nine years, Michael.

Linda Noble Topf has had MS since 1981. Her award-winning first book, You Are Not Your Illness, has inspired many thousands of people, a well as their families, with illness. Linda is a wellness counselor with a Master’s Degree in Applied Psychology, a motivational speaker, a monthly columnist for The Huffington Post, an ordained minister and a pioneer and advocate for disability rights. Linda resides outside Philadelphia with her husband - and best friend - of 39 years, Michael Topf.

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