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Before it Hits the Fan: Quick Communication Tips to Help You Resolve Conflict and Reduce Stress

by Lorna McLaren


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When it comes to conflict, many of us don’t know how to competently handle these conversations. We fear making it worse or avoid it, thus making it worse.
This book will take away your stress with quick tips on what to do in that moment. These are the tips that thousands of clients have told me are their favourites. Fast, fun, easy to use, and instant results. Get a sense of control so it doesn’t get out of control. Reduce unexpected conflict and stress with a new confidence.
We are all people who have more in common than not. Before it hits the fan implies you are in a place where conflict has the potential of getting worse. It is in this moment that these tips are designed for.

An emotionally charged customer on the phone

A toxic co-worker pulls you into their drama

You’re promoted to manager and forced to inherit a difficult employee you never would have hired yourself

You want calm and positive results communicating during conflict with your boss, colleagues, and customers.

These tips also work when preempting a potential conflict long before so it doesn’t get close to the fan in the first place. If anything in this book helps you stand up to a bully, clarify a misunderstanding, clear the air to improve relationships, makes you feel better about yourself and the world around you then that is a win.

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