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Rooftop Solar Secrets: The Ultimate Guide To Going Solar

by Nicholas Gorden


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Forget the old idea that only eco-warriors, off-the-grid survivalists, or wealthy West Coast conservationists are using solar energy for most of their energy needs. Times have changed. Everyday working American homeowners have discovered that installing solar panels and using solar energy makes excellent financial sense. While energy bills continue to go up & up, solar prices have gone down. The overall cost of solar panels and components has dropped by 70% since 2009, even as panels are getting more efficient.

Author Nicholas Gorden, co-founder of solar installation company Shine Solar, LLC, saw a “massive informational gap” between what people perceive going solar costs and what it actually does cost. Gorden sought to right that — “this massive informational gap is keeping so many good people from something that could benefit their family or business and lighten many a financial burden. Our mission at Shine Solar is to educate homeowners about how solar energy can save them money, increase the value of their home and make them more self-reliant.” To fulfill that mission, he has written “Rooftop Solar Secrets.” This guide offers clear and straightforward answers to:

· Is going solar right for me?
· How reliable is it? How long does it last?
· Does my house qualify?
· How much does it cost?
· What is a solar loan and does it really benefit me?
· How do solar panels work? / What is a photovoltaic (PV) system?
· What is "Net Metering"?

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