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MONEY SMARTS: What Students Want, Graduates Need, and Parents Wish To Know About Money

by Nathan Nguyen


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"As world’s bestselling author, I frequently want to mandate great books to be read, absorbed, and used effectively. Money Smarts is such a book...My superstar young friend, Nathan Nguyen, has now penned a book that will make education available to everyone who is willing to work for it... Best of all, as a student, you can become rich, like we did, doing it. My perfect mandate would be that 16,000,000 college students and college-bound students drink deeply of his brilliance, wisdom, and experience making their lives richer, fuller, and more meaningful by learning, earning, and returning, while in school. Prepare to be deeply inspired and choose to raise yourself higher than you ever imagined."  -Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series

What would happen to communities when families and students are more financially aware and educated? Just imagine...

...When high school students plan for college, they will have the financial knowledge for how to pay for it instead of the many families with students who are accepted to their dream colleges yet decide not to go because they lack proper financial aid knowledge.
...When high school students graduate, they are prepared to make smart financial decisions dealing with the many debt financing offers such as buying their first car and to learn how to manage living expenses with proper budgeting and saving best practices.
...When college students graduate, they are prepared to make the right career choices, invest, plan for retirement, and be financially independent.

Inside Of This MONEY SMARTS Book, Here Are A Few Of The Things That You'll Be Learning...

-Learn what are the biggest financial obstacles and how you can overcome them to win financially.
-Learn the 4 key ways of making money and how you can create multiples streams of income to design your own financial freedom at any age.
-Learn the strategies that will effectively get you started in any dream career and how to rise up to the top of any industry.
-Learn how to create business plans and conduct business feasibility studies to effectively get investors and funding for your businesses and startups.
-Learn the various investments you can invest in such as the various market investments including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and annuities.
-Learn about real estate investments and how it creates income and capital gains with tax advantages.
-Learn the process for how private businesses become publicly traded businesses that can be worth millions and billions.
-Learn how to get scholarships, grants, subsidies, and other benefit incomes that can give you the hand up to get going or get restarted.
-Learn how to read your first paycheck and how tax works to minimize your tax while maximizing cash flow and capital gains.
-Learn the most effective strategies for saving money on housing, car payments, and the multiple insurance costs including health, auto, property, and life insurance.
-Learn how to manage debt payments that not only reduces the payments but also reduce the overall debt.
-Learn the different employer retirement account options
-Learn how credit score works and how you can build it, managing it, and how to repair it when necessary.
-Learn how mortgages work, auto financing work, credit card accounts so you can make strategic decisions.
-Learn how to borrow money for college and even get free money for college so that student loans do not cripple your financial position upon graduation.
-Learn how to minimize your tax liability and how to file your taxes so that you don’t get in trouble with the IRS.

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