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SOAR - Think Bigger. Move Faster. Rise Higher.: The 4-Step Instant Freedom Formula to Unlink Your Past from Your Potential and Live an Unlimited Life on Earth as I Did In Heaven

by Koni Scavella


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Imagine if you could get a second shot at life. How would you design it and where do you begin?

Is there any way to completely transform your life that doesn’t involve a fad or craze?

Is there a way to achieve lasting change that will instantly remove the barriers to success?

Is there an answer to why reaching your goals has been so elusive?

It took 12 years of clinical and practical research in the fields of physics, medicine, and spirituality to discover the simplest way to unlink your past from your potential so you can live the life you have always imagined.

Discover why lasting success is so elusive for you and how to achieve it without selling out or burning out. It is all possible when you learn the 4-Step Instant Freedom Formula in the newest book SOAR - Think Bigger. Move Faster. Rise Higher., by Koni Scavella, PhD.

SOAR. is the ultimate guide for living the highest expression of yourself with effortless ease. By integrating years of research in the fields of medicine, quantum physics and spirituality, Koni Scavella, developed this new formula after her Near-Death experience to simplify your life and accelerate the speed with which you achieve your dreams.

Today, we live in a society that seems to be on a frenzied quest for instant gratification, external distractions and quick fixes. Even with the rapid advances in technology, we still suffer from stress, overwhelm, insecurity, and frustration as we fall farther away from our dream life. Few know what it takes to “have it all without paying a very hefty price for it.

All the super solutions, fast fixes and millions in minutes programs seem to disappear as soon as the next fad arises. What you learn in this book will become a new standard for success in all areas of life.

The beauty of the SOAR. FormulaTM is its universal application for anyone...regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic standing, education level or spiritual conviction. Everything has been streamlined into the 4 simple steps which can take less than 4 minutes.

The author has done extensive testing and research into advances in human consciousness and behavior predictability, neuroscience and quantum physics to develop one elegantly simple formula that will enhance all areas of your life at once.

Evocatively written with inspiring stories, exercises, and compelling research, SOAR will help you THINK BIGGER, MOVE FASTER and RISE HIGHER so you can live an unlimited life... on earth as she did in heaven

icluded in this book are all the detailed charts, diagrams and resources you need to esperience the success, joy and happiness in life and business you have always wanted.

Best of all, the transformations last!

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